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Dental health

Smart Gimmicks To chill-Out Children When In Fear Of Dental Visits for Tooth Decay On This National Children’s Dental Health Month

It is not only the children that have cold feet and flinches when they have to visit the dentist for […]

dental care

Daily Dental Care Tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy

Good oral hygiene is important and not just for the sake of keeping your beautiful smile intact. Maintaining good oral […]


Why dental care during pregnancy is important for women and the Unborn?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of responsibilities which includes taking good care of your health as well as the health […]

Wisdom teeth removal

10 Easy Healing Tips after Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may be recommended to undergo wisdom teethremoval for any number of reasons; it might be in response to an […]

Dental implant

Advantages of Dental Implant Retained Dentures

If you happen to belong to the category of people who suffer from chronic tooth ache, broken tooth or any […]


Get Rid Of Tooth Pain And Bring Back Your Smile With Root Canal Treatment

If you are plagued with tooth pain and have lost your smile, a safe root canal treatment may well be […]

Tooth replacement

Say Good Bye to Ageing with Dental Implant Tooth Replacement

Tooth loss can be a serious problem, especially for senior citizens who are more vulnerable to dental issues. It is […]


The need for regular dental cleaning to avoid dental cavity

Dental scale and cleaning is one of the most common procedures done by a dental hygienist at large. All the […]

Dental Implants

Options Available for Dental Implants

Going a couple of decades back, the dental implants have revolutionized the dental practice for tooth replacement. Gradually in this […]


Importance Of Regular Dental Check Ups By The Tooth Fairy And The Common Dental Problems

Neglecting an oral hygiene and proper dental care leads to numerous types of dental diseases that can in turn become […]