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The need for regular dental cleaning to avoid dental cavity


Dental scale and cleaning is one of the most common procedures done by a dental hygienist at large. All the dental therapist, experts and oral hygienist recommend to go for a gentle dental cleaning on a regular basis for all the patients. Is it just done to clean our teeth? Many people don’t know its importance and do raise an N number of questions regarding Dental cleaning and its need. This article is a spotlight to the basics of dental cleaning and its significance. It also guides you on how it helps to get good oral health? How often should it be done? Why it should be done? Does dental cleaning hurt and cause pain during the treatment?

In spite of daily tooth brushing and flossing, it has become common for most of the people to experience tooth decay and are also likely to suffer from other dental diseases. Is it sufficient for your teeth to only give a good scrub at home to have a healthy oral life? Before detailing on the need and importance of Dental Cleaning, let’s first understand what it exactly means and is it just done to clean our teeth?

Dental cleanings treat the unhealthy gums, prevents plaque build-up and locates dental cavities if any. It removes the dental tartar, plaque and stain to avoid oral diseases. Some of the important preventive services like polishing your teeth, fillings and crown in addition to the sealants and fluoride application are the part of Dental cleanings.Apart from scaling and cleaning teeth, it also helps in diagnosing any kind of oral diseases if any.

It involves checking and updating your dental and medical history, examination of oral cancer, testing your biting,swallowing and chewing patterns, dental X-rays are taken to detect tooth decay and much more than just scaling and cleaning your teeth. In case any oral diseases are detected, proper treatment planning along with referral to expert for specific treatment also helps the dental patient to immediately start the curative treatment.

Above all, a patient is educated and instructed on the proper flossing and tooth brushing technique to be followed on a daily basis. If the teeth are experiencing more sensitivity or in case of other dental issues, dentist delivers a proper nutritional counselling that can keep the patient out of the dental discomforts. Also an oral improvement due to self-care initiatives is mapped in addition to the required cosmetic enhancement. The dentist recommends next treatment for the periodontal gum problems, next regular session for the dental cleanings and scaling or next needed treatment for the restorative options and other required guidance for your good oral life.

How often should the gentle dental cleanings be done?
Based on the evaluation of the oral condition of your teeth, gums and mouth, dentists recommend a regular interval of time for getting a session of proper dental cleanings. In case of serious dental problems, your dentist might recommend you for a dental cleaning every three months. But if the patient has a healthy oral life, a dentist might advise to come for dental cleanings once in two years or half yearly depending on the oral condition of the patient. However, in case of children under 18 are mostly recommended to go for a dental cleaning once in a year in spite of having no dental problems. How often you should go for a gentle dental cleaning depends on how speedy is your dental tendency to accumulate calculus, how fast your teeth get stain and how you brush and floss your teeth daily? Depending on these parameters, every individual suits different frequency of dental cleaning and scaling.

How it helps to get a good oral health? Why it should be done?
If the dental cleaning is frequently avoided, the goo that builds up on your tooth causes many dental diseases. Locating minor dental problems before it turns out to be a major dental disease is what makes it important to get a gentle dental cleaning and scaling done at regular interval of time. Dental cleaning makes it possible to stay away from and get rid of the following oral blunders:

Plaque: The sticky white, soft and creamy substance developed on your teeth is full of germs and bacteria that can cause serious tooth decay if left untreated.

Calculus: The rough and porous calcified build up on your teeth is a step ahead to plaque in causing dental diseases and a painful tooth decay. This cannot be removed and cleaned by just flossing and brushing your teeth daily. It needs a help of a dental professional to scale and clean the calculus.

Teeth stain: The stain is caused due to contact of sugary beverages to your teeth that curbs the whiteness of your teeth. This can be avoided by polishing and cleaning the teeth by dental hygienist.

Does dental cleaning hurt and pain during the treatment?
The patients with increased sensitivity and dental discomfort can make the dental cleaning painless with the help of topical anesthetic. Well patient with healthy gums and teeth usually don’t need to use topical anesthetic and also don’t experience soreness after the dental cleaning.

Cumberland Dentistry offers tailored dental cleaning and scaling treatments with its skilled and experienced team of dental hygienist who provides personalized approach to diagnose, clean, scale teeth with educating the patients on the Does and Don’ts for routine self-care initiatives to get a healthy oral life. To serve our patients better, we also provide cosmetic and family dentistry at the Monterey dental center. To know about our gentle dental cleaning treatment, visit Connect with us @ 250-4329 to solve your queries or to get an appointment. Visit to know more about other offered dental services.

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