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Options Available for Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Going a couple of decades back, the dental implants have revolutionized the dental practice for tooth replacement. Gradually in this present world of technology, the dental implants include enhancements in root replacement process with a crown attached to the tooth that has similar visibility as your natural tooth. The replaced tooth does not decay or land up with other gum diseases, but it accounts for a proper consultation of the dental expert and a highly experienced and practiced team of Endodontists. As the dental technology is shaping up high development in the treatment models, scientists have come up with different types of dental implants that are safe for our future oral health. To get a perfect dental implant, it needs a fine blend of planning for an implant dentistry, crown fabrication and dental surgical placement. This article is a perfect guide and basic answers to all your curiosities on the options available for the dental implants and the types of dental implants. It also reveals the need of proper teamwork between the dentist, patient, dental technician and an implant surgeon.

What are Dental Implants?
Since the late 1970’s, the dental implants were introduced after which the development in implant technology and design raised the bar for dental practices. Nowadays implants are placed on single or on multiple tooth loss. Before going into the technicalities of dental implants, lets first understand what it is.

The teeth have two prime elements that include the crown and the root of the tooth. The root replacement of the tooth is known as a Dental Implant or a Endosseous Implant that is anchored by the jawbone of that particular tooth. With the dental technology enhancing at a fast pace, Osseo-Integration process blend with the bone and fuse up well providing stability for artificial teeth. These are made of pure titanium that is one of the most favorable metallic substance used in most of the dental and medical operations. The Osseo-integration process requires an Osteophilic substance that can help get a biochemical combination of the natural bone and the dental substance used in the implants.

Thus a tooth root made of titanium when placed well into the jawbone that is positioned beneath the gums is called dental implant. The dentist surgically mounts the bridge into the root of the tooth. Dental implants are the safe way to get a good oral health. To go for a dental implant, one should have a healthy gum and sufficient bone. If the bone is too thin or soft, opting for a bone graft is recommended. If the sinuses are closely located in the jaw or if the bone height is too small in upper jaw, a sinus lift needs to be done before going ahead with a dental implant. Be it dentures, bridges or crown on the implants, it gives a natural feel equal as that of the conventional one. While the best part about the dental implants is that, to hold the tooth replaced stable in the place, there is no need of the ground down or working on the adjacent teeth.

To have a dental implant is hygienic for your oral life and to keep these dental structures healthy, the regular dental checkup is necessary to prevent other oral diseases and dental discomforts.

Options available for Dental Implants:
The “Branemark system” was the initial application of Dental Implantology that had a fixed size for all the design of the original implant having the equal width and circumference. Only thing variable in designing was the length of the implants. After this, the researchers came up with many other types of Implantology that included:

Endosteal implants: It involves implanting surgically into the jawbone and after the gum tissue heals properly, the Post is connected to the Implant that needs a second surgery. These are the most common type of dental implants that are shaped like a small screw or cylinders or plates.

Subperiosteal implants: The metal frame is fitted onto the jawbone under the gum tissue. The frame finely blends with the jawbone as the gum heals properly. This is a common type of implant for patients who have more shallow jawbone and do not want to opt for operation to rebuild it.

Well, a consultation from a dental expert is must before selecting on the type of dental implant. These implant can be done with different methods depending on the dental situation of the patient- Be it for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth or for replacing all the teeth.

For the once who have stronger jawbones, researchers have come up with a convenient implant option that includes ‘immediate load dental implant’ which is also known as a ‘same day implant’. The temporary tooth is placed immediately that fuses with your natural bone after which custom crown will be properly placed on the teeth. Well! For securing lower or loose dentures, Mini implants or small diameter implant is an option majorly opted by the patients after proper consultation from an experienced dentist. The other alternative techniques of dental implants involve four implants to stabilize the replaced teeth. This type of dental implant needs more dental sessions and a lengthy process. Thus, going for a dental implant needs a proper dental diagnosis and a consultation from an expert dentist.

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