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Say Good Bye to Ageing with Dental Implant Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement

Tooth loss can be a serious problem, especially for senior citizens who are more vulnerable to dental issues. It is not just the loss of teeth that poses a problem, tooth loss is also followed by the collapse of the supporting bone structure. This is a far more serious issue, as the collapse of the uppermost layer of bone supporting the tooth leads to the collapse of the bone layer beneath it, eventually causing the entire jawbone to shrink and the facial muscles collapse. Multiple tooth loss can cause serious damages, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. With no teeth in place to support the lips and cheek the individual’s entire face appears hollow and aged. Also the shrinking of the jawbone makes it difficult to keep artificial dentures in places leading to awkward and embarrassing moments like the dentures slipping out of the jaw in public.

Till some time back, the only solution to deal with multiple tooth loss was dentures which have of course evolved considerably from the heavy and painful false teeth of old. Even though modern dentures are extremely lightweight and appear like natural teeth, they are still not the ideal solution. This is because even though they may succeed in restoring facial aesthetics to some extent, they cannot prevent the loss of bone caused by tooth loss and hence cannot prevent the face from appearing hollow and sunken. Another problem with dentures is that they cannot provide the same chewing function as natural teeth and patients ultimately have to limit their diet to specially cook soft or semi liquid foods. Bone loss also increases the jawbone’s vulnerability to fractures and injuries causing even more grief to the patient. However the good news is that now you can easily and safely reverse the ageing process with dental implant tooth replacement.

Dental implant represents a more reliable, advanced and successful way to treat multiple tooth loss. Earlier dental implant was not readily available as an option, especially for elderly citizens, either due to considerable loss of bone tissue or the exorbitant expense involved. However, innovations and advancements in dental care have now made it possible for even elderly individuals with significant bone collapse to opt for dental implant. They now have the option of a dental implant after the successful bone grafting procedure to rejuvenate bone density. Once the dental implant procedure is completed, the bones around the teeth naturally start building up to support the teeth thus preventing any further atrophy of teeth bones. Also the cost of implant has dropped significantly, mainly because advancements in dentistry procedures which have made it possible to replace any number of missing teeth with minimum number of implant procedures.

Dental Implants are nothing more than small, titanium made screw shaped posts that are implanted into the jaw to replace the roots of missing teeth. Post-surgery, the bones and tissues surrounding the jaw heal, the jawbone starts fussing with the implants and the bones surrounding the teeth regenerate and start growing thereby providing a firm anchor to the teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants get permanently anchored in place which means there are no slipping or wobbling problems to deal with. By providing a permanent replacement for lost teeth, dental implants help to reestablish facial volume and reverse the ageing process to make the patient look significantly younger.

It is not just the fact that it can bring a youthful look back to your face, that makes dental implants the preferred choice for replacing missing teeth. They are as close to natural teeth as possible, which means that they do not need to be removed every night and reattached every morning. Unlike dentures, which make the entire process of chewing food difficult and cumbersome, dental implants actually make it easier to chew any and every kind of food bringing back the youthful luxury of eating food out of choice rather than necessity.

With dental implant surgery, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your new teeth not only look and function much the same as the lost natural teeth, they also interact with the muscles, nerves and joints in the jaw in the same way. They represent a permanent replacement solution to missing teeth and help restore depleted tissues in the gums and jaw. They also restore facial features bringing back normal facial functionality, including restoring smile, laughing and speaking with confidence. There isn’t a better way to bring back that lost smile that through that dental implant from an experienced dentist in Crossvile.

Cumberland Dentistry offers tailored dental implant treatment with its skilled and experienced team of dental hygienist who provides personalized approach to diagnose teeth with educating the patients on the Does and Don’ts for routine self-care initiatives to get a healthy oral life. To serve our patients better, we also provide cosmetic and family dentistry at the Monterey dental center. To know about our dental implant treatment, visit, Connect with us @ 250-4329 to solve your queries or to get an appointment .

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