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Genuine Answers To Queries When Unhappy With Your Smile Due To Wisdom Tooth


Do wisdom teeth affect my smile? Does wisdom tooth make the teeth crooked? Does the impacted teeth change the shape of my face? Does wisdom tooth affect my braces? Does it cause fever or headaches? Is it necessary to go for a wisdom tooth extraction?

These are few questions grounding your tension due to having wisdom teeth. As it is rightly said ‘Without your involvement you can’t succeed and with your involvement you can’t fail ‘. With this, it is equally important to involve yourself in the basics of wisdom tooth with its remedies and proper treatment techniques to get rid of all your confusion and worries. This article acquaints you with the basics of the wisdom tooth, its problems and remedies that bring a perfect smile on your face. It also guides with the solution for the above mentioned questions on wisdom tooth.

Having a wisdom teeth issue creates a bundle of question clouds that bother us giving rise in oral health tensions. In this article we have tried to present genuine answers to some of your questions related to wisdom tooth extraction.

Let’s first get involved in the basics of the wisdom tooth:
Known as the third molars or last molars developing on the back of the mouth on the side of the jaw, wisdom teeth are commonly seen in the people between the age group of sixteen to twenty years. When it is developed in straight alignment, it accounts of value addition into the mouth. But when developed sideways from the jaw or is positioned beneath the bone and gums that is trapped due to immature wisdom tooth development, this impacted tooth needs proper tooth extraction dental treatment to avoid deep cavities and oral nerve infection.

If it is kept untreated, it creates a room for the bacteria around the impacted tooth that ends up with a severe oral infection, crowding of teeth, damaged oral nerves, impacted jawbones, deep cavities in the impacted nerve as well as the adjacent teeth which becomes a target of multiplying bacteria. To clean these kind of painful oral cavities and have an oral germ free health, tooth brushing and flossing daily is not the only vital remedy. The infected teeth need to be extracted immediately and the jaw/bones in the wisdom tooth need a proper antiseptic treatment to flush out the germs.

Is it necessary to go for a wisdom tooth extraction?
Some of the common oral symptoms of unhealthy wisdom tooth for which the impacted tooth extraction becomes necessary include oral inflammation, bleeding and swollen gums, cysts formation and discomfort around the tooth, swelling on the jawbone, headaches, bad breath, unbearable tooth pain, extreme sensitivity in the impacted teeth and sometimes also leads to mood swings due to oral irritation. These are the basic wisdom teeth signs that people suffer which needs a proper dental consulting and dental checkup on the initial stage and a proper dental treatment in the secondary stage.

Does it hurt so much while wisdom tooth extraction?
Some people are scared of the tooth extraction surgery and tooth extraction treatment and fear of dental pain of surgery. Today, the dental innovation has made it so easy for the dentist and the dental patients to complete the whole wisdom tooth operation smoothly without any dental pain with the effective anesthesia and sedation dentistry. No doubt the after treatment, tooth pain is felt as the gum heals. This pain can be curbed with the painkillers as prescribed by your dentist.

Does Wisdom tooth affect my Dental-Braces Or does it make the teeth crooked?
If the wisdom tooth is developed with proper alignment it doesn’t affect the Oral-Braces. Unhealthy wisdom teeth can affect the Braces as tooth extraction becomes necessary to avoid increased tooth infection. Delay in tooth extraction can cause over crowding which can prove to be a painful and a high level of discomfort in the people with small mouth. This needs a proper evaluation and diagnosis of the dental situation as its seriousness varies from patient to patient. Wisdom tooth can sometimes result in lengthy dental treatment as well.

Do wisdom teeth change the shape of my face or affect my smile?
As per the criticality of the dental situation of every patient, it can change the appearance of the face or can affect the smile of the patient as the symptoms of an infected tooth includes swelling and sometimes rashes. It affects you smile as sometimes due to dental pain it becomes difficult to stretch your lips more and laugh or smile freely.

But the best part is after the wisdom tooth is cured properly, the patient gets the actual face appearance as it was if the tooth alignment is proper. This also needs a regular dental checkup to brighten your smile and frequent visit to the smile dentist or an expert orthodontist.

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